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Warum wählen Sie Tradeechina Managed Sourcing-Service?
No Commission/ No Middleman. Save up to 50% of your production cost by removing the trading companies or any middleman, TradeChina sourcing service will directly connect you with the manufacturers.
Instant Quote with Shipping /Clearance
Request for quotation and get instant replies. No more waiting. Our suppliers will provide you with the prices, fees, and charges that you need to know. There are no hidden charges as everything is included upfront in the computation.
Price Comparison & Negotiation with Suppliers
Compare prices of different products and materials that you are interested in for your business. Our suppliers will provide you with end-to-end cost. Our platform eliminates the need for middlemen thereby reducing costs. We have established strong business relationships with various factories that give us leverage during negotiations.
Best-priced Shipping Solutions
Whether you want your products shipped via, air, land, or sea, we will make sure that you get the best deals from our partner forwarding companies. With China Homelife, you’ll surely get the best pricing and routing for your shipment.
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